Well …this is exciting. My first attempt at blogging! So…thanks in advance for your patience. Like most decisions that I make, it has taken me months perhaps even years to come to this point of blogging about something or should I say someone who has been life-changing. That is, Jesus Christ. I do not consider myself to be a religious person, but simply someone like many of you who has a desire to really know Him in an intimate way. That sounds a bit cliché, but it truly speaks to how I feel. I count it a privilege to not only read about the Lord, but experience Him first hand.

We, as believers have been given His Spirit as a comfort, guide, companion, truth-revealer, healer and more. The ways that Christ and God our Father have been revealed in scripture and even today are innumerable. One of my all-time favorite songs, which I consider an anthem of all anthems to OUR GOD is …”HE IS”. Listen carefully to the words sung by Aaron & Jeoffrey at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttS7FH8X4n4. The words can be found also at http://www.songlyrics.com/aaron-jeoffrey/he-is-lyrics/.

So Why …AnEncouragedHeart?…that is what we experience as we journey together as ONE BODY in Christ!

Thanks for visiting AnEncouragedHeart. Signing off…God Bless! Cynthia


14 responses to “WELCOME!

  1. I am encouraged by your faith and testimony!

    Nice weblog!

  2. Thanks Hubby for being the first to post a comment on my blog…and thanks for the vote of confidence.

  3. Cynthia, I am real proud at your first attempt at blogging. Actually truly impressed. The title is also wonderful in that we need to keep encouraging each other and guarding our hearts from the

  4. Cynthia, I am so encouraged by your heart for God. Enjoy blogging and keep on writing!

  5. Isn’t it exciting that you are answering the questions:
    How does holy communication sound?and …,I know that I should tell others about Jesus, but will I?

    You are truly an encourager and a an example of one “living the Word”.

    Sis. Pringle

  6. Wow! I’m both impressed and encouraged by this Cynthia. I’ve always had the benefit of your encouraging heart and listening ears one-on-one. You’ve taken a Giant step towards sharing your faith and encouragement to others. I can hear the brush of angels wings…surely the Presence on The LORD is here.

    GOD Bless!

  7. Just what I needed today, as HIS grace and mercy sustains me. I listened to
    “HE IS” and was comforted by knowing that HE IS all I need. In spite of what is going on about me, I rest in HIS arms!!! Thank You for this opportunity to share and comfort one another with the Word of God.

  8. Speaking from an educator’s point of view, the ABC”s of He Is… is my morning cup of joe. The sun shines, the birds sing, the flowers are adorned in their beauty, and I lavish in love, peace, and joy because He Is…

    Be Reflective
    Be Balanced
    Be Well

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