My husband and I had the chance to attend a Christian concert this past weekend in our “neck of the woods”.  And, did I say free? We had an awesome time worshipping with so many believers and perhaps many who are seeking Him — of all ages and backgrounds.

Matthew West spent much time in prayer for each of us who were in attendance. He also shared testimonies which he has compiled into a book from people just like us. People who have been blessed to receive a second chance from God. People who have experienced the ultimate act of love and forgiveness. In Ephesians 1:7, the Apostle Paul penned — In Christ we are made free by His blood sacrifice. We have forgiveness of sins because of God’s rich grace.                                   

Matthew West told the story of a woman who struggled for many years to offer forgiveness to someone who had taken the life of her daughter. This testimony, he said, inspired him to write “Forgiveness“.  I urge you to take a moment and listen to this story. You can visit the following link to hear the entire testimony ( Below are the words to this incredible song (

It’s the hardest thing to give away
And the last thing on your mind today
It always goes to those that don’t deserve

It’s the opposite of how you  feel
When the pain they caused is just to real
It takes everything you  have just to say the word…


It flies  in the face of all your pride
It moves away the mad inside
It’s always  anger’s own worst enemy
Even when the jury and the judge
Say you gotta  right to hold a grudge
It’s the whisper in your ear saying ‘Set It Free’

Forgiveness, Forgiveness
Forgiveness, Forgiveness

Show me how  to love the unlovable
Show me how to reach the unreachable
Help me now to  do the impossible

Forgiveness, Forgiveness

Help me now to do the  impossible

It’ll clear the bitterness away
It can even  set a prisoner free
There is no end to what it’s power can do
So, let it  go and be amazed
By what you see through eyes of grace
The prisoner that  it really frees is you

Forgiveness, Forgiveness
Forgiveness,  Forgiveness

Show me how to love the unlovable
Show me how to reach the  unreachable
Help me now to do the impossible

I want to  finally set it free
So show me how to see what Your mercy sees
Help me now to give what You gave to me
Forgiveness, Forgiveness

Thanks for visiting AnEncouragedHeart. Signing off…God Bless! Cynthia


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